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UK-India defence cooperation is going from strength to strength.

Earlier this month, as Raksha Mantri Rajnath Singh (Minister of Defence for India) travelled to the UK to reaffirm the importance of our defence partnership, a delegation of British companies visited India to participate in the Vibrant Gujarat Summit.

UK companies signed four MoUs with the Government of Gujarat , forging strategic partnerships in the field of: Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Operational Technology, Quantum and Network Security.

British companies also tied up with the NFSU- Center of Excellence in Food Technology and Forensics University to collaborate on establishing centres of excellence in physical forensics, crime scene investigation as well as training of human resources in cybersecurity skills.

Vibrant Gujarat | Perceptive Biotech Pvt. Ltd. | Foster+Freeman Forensic Science Innovation | iCyberDefence | Telesoft Technologies Limited | Boston Limited

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