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Healthcare industry defences still fail against ransomware attacks

According to a recent news article in the Washington Post.

Ransomware and linked factors

Here is yet-another case that embodies most of the major causes for concern in Cybersecurity that we have been flagging repeatedly in the last year or so.

1. Healthcare is part of the critical national infrastructure, but compared to other types of CNI, is woefully vulnerable.

2. The attack - which has disrupted around three quarters of medical providers in the USA for three weeks now - came through a relatively low-profile third-party service (electronic clearing house Change Healthcare), deep within the hashtag supply chain.

3. Voluntary standards, fragmented regulation, and poor enforcement are putting data at risk - especially from hashtag ransomware - in this case, with frightening implications for patients. So it’s no wonder hospitals and clinics are paying, incentivising hackers to keep up their attacks.

The full news article can be found here

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