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Normal business resumes following a ransomware attack at the British Library

Books at a library

It is good to see that The British Library has started getting services back online after a ransomware hack detected in October last year caused chaos at the institution.

And it’s also pleasing to see that the British Library will be sharing its experiences with the rest of the museums and galleries sector, which must be feeling very apprehensive - particularly as it is widely believed on the one hand that the Rhysida gang had infiltrated British Library systems long before the breach came to light, and on the other that the costs of recovery are likely to amount to nearly £7 million.

Ransomware has the potential to bring even the best-prepared organisation to its knees, particularly as hackers begin to exploit GenAI to produce new code.

Every business and institution should take heed of this lesson.

The full article can be found here.

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