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Is your ERP system secure? How we can help with preventing a cyberattack

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Chart showing ERP across your business
Chart showing ERP across your business

Most businesses would hesitate to give an unequivocal “yes” in answer to that question, because the costs of preventing a cyberattack on their #EnterpriseResourcePlanning software would likely be devastating.

The biggest issue is often one of scale. ERPs consist of multiple elements, including process and workflow, master data and data warehouse, the underlying infrastructure and - beyond all that - various and complex interconnections with other systems that make up a business’s stack.

That usually adds up to a wide, heterogeneous attack surface for #Cybercriminals.

Worse, ERP groups are often separated off organisationally from other applications and infrastructure teams.

And yet despite all this (or perhaps because of it…) ERP #Cybersecurity solutions offered by the big software vendors are frequently eye-wateringly expensive.

But at iCyberDefence we’ve built a an enterprise-standard solution that doesn’t cost the earth, incorporating end-to-end ERP infrastructure (including disaster recovery strategy) , information security and data/application security

If you’d like to find out more, and take a huge weight off your security department’s mind, email us today.

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