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We help you in meeting the challenge of providing high-quality security architecture, design and implementation services using optimal delivery models, minimising business risks, addressing security concerns, and bringing down your overall cost.


Our implementation and integration services provide complete delivery, project and transition management expertise to help you build integrated security solutions.

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Our Security Implementation Service Offering

Our professional services include, but not limited to

  • Technical requirement management

  • Define and develop security architecture

  • Secure design

  • Security solution implementation

  • Produce design and implementation documentation for ongoing support

Once implemented, if you want us to manage the solution for you, we can offer you a fully managed service leveraging our "Managed Security Service" offerings.

Our supported technologies and products

We currently support the following security technologies

  • Network and computer security– Firewalls, IDS/IPS, Content Filtering, Antivirus, VPN, DoS/DDoS and Load Balancer

  • Data security –Encryption, Data Loss Prevention and Mobile Security

  • Application security – Web Application Firewall

  • Cloud Security – AWS, Azure and O365 Security

  • Email Security - Office365 EOP and ATP



If you have any specific requirement, let us know. We would definitely be able to find a solution for you.

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