Operational Technology

We are cybersecurity experts in Operational Technology (OT), Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Internet of Things (IoT)

Our Expert Team

our team have hands on cybersecurity experience in a wide variety of operational technology environments

industrial engineering 

transport, railway airlines



We provide active safety and security monitoring of your industrial equipment, assets, processes and events

Operational Technology Security Experts

Our Areas of OT Systems

Cyber Security Experience

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition - We identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities within your SCADA systems
Process Control Systems - We provide protection of PCS systems to secure your critical industrial automation systems.
Distributed Control Systems – Where reliability is critical to your continuous operations. We evaluate and eliminate your systems’ security risks
Programmable Logic Controller – We analyse and prevent PLC cyber-attacks in a number of different ways
Control, Command & Signalling Systems – Advanced analysis of your railway CCS security protocols and software to mitigate cyberattacks and malicious activity
Signalling Systems
Security risk analysis and mitigation of your critical railway signalling systems to ensure your compliance to industry safety standards
Railway Systems
Verify the current security status of your railway systems. Identify any weaknesses in your safety and security processes. Overcome vulnerabilities and hazards
Cyber threats increase as more and more safety devices become connected to networks and the internet. We identify and mitigate these vulnerabilities
IoT OT Convergence

Mitigate Cyber Threats to your OT Systems

Our analysis gives you a deep understanding of cyber risks to your OT systems
We work with you to ensure that your critical operational systems are protected from attack
We enable you to understand your regulatory requirements and become compliant
We mitigate the ever growing risk of IoT convergence to your OT systems, devices and networks



We have provided very large scale, multi-level OT systems security assessment and project delivery for blue chip sized clients

Regulatory Compliance

We have worked in industries where keeping up to date security to meet safety legislation is paramount



Our team have hands-on experience within a number of industries where OT is of critical importance.



We provide cyber defence through in depth security risk management using ALARP principle as our basis

Why Work With Us?

How do we secure your OT systems?

We've a tailor made security risk management framework depending on your industry's safety risks. We assist you in development and delivery of cyber security and safety assurance case in accordance with your engineering management framework. 


Five key areas we examine to ensure systems cyber security:

  • Design: Systems using modern technologies, including (TCP/IP), MODBUS and other standardised protocols, should be designed with security in mind as an integral part of your system

  • Development: Recognised secure software development standards exist that should be used when developing software to be used within any environment. 

  • Installation: installation of the new or upgraded systems incl. COTS should not compromise the security that has already been put in place. It should not increase the attack surface that could be exploited by an attacker. 

  • Maintenance: You should maintain systems throughout their life cycles to ensure optimum functioning.

  • Decommissioning and Disposal: We decommission systems and dispose of them securely to prevent hostile 3rd parties acquiring your data


Independent Validation: We ensure security design, implementation and maintenance operation have a level of assurance in accordance with your engineering assurance framework.

Our Clients

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