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The explosive growth in the popularity of mobile devices and growth in their powerful features has led to a sharp rise in the usage of smartphones, tablets and mobile POS devices in the corporate world.

As the market for these devices continues to develop at an exponential rate, concerns about the safety of the sensitive corporate data present on mobile device also grow proportionately as the tracking the data, relying on its integrity becomes increasingly challenging. Enforcing corporate security governance, complying with local laws and trans-border regulations also pose a serious challenge in this case. Hence a technical method to secure, monitor, manage and support endpoints and mobile devices deployed across enterprise is an important security need for any businesses.

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Our Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Service Offering

Our Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) service provides the following:

  • Mobile security and device Management

  • Mobile apps and content management

  • Mobile email and browsing management

  • Windows Endpoint and BYOD device management


Our 24x7 EMM service capabilities are delivered through an ISO27000 accredited data centre and operation centre based in India under the governance of a specialist cyber security expert team based in London, UK.  Our EMM offering is powered by VMware AirWatchEnterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Platform. AirWatch has been consistently rated by Gartner as a leader in Unified Endpoint Management.  


Our Enterprise Mobility Management Service pricing model is simple, flexible and based on few key criteria’s:

  • No of devices

  • Device category (e.g. laptop, mobile phone, tablet)

  • Security feature requirements (e.g. apps security, device security, browsing security etc.)

  • Support timing (e.g. 24 x 7 or local timing)

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