Our Valued Clients

Collaborative Efforts

Yellow Brick Capital Limited

Yellow Brick Capital Limited (UK) asked us to help assessing their internet based systems security risks. Through our partner's network, we engaged with them, assessed their business landscape, cyber threat profile, and technically assessed their security risks, and finally provided recommendations that's appropriate to to their business. 

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Alliance Holdings Limited

This client approached us for consultation on how well their internet based systems are protected.Our collaboration has been truly remarkable. We provided Alliance Holdings Limited (Bangladesh) with technical and management recommendations incorporating tactical solution that's quick to fix, and strategic solution for longer term benefits.

ADN Telecom

We have worked with ADN Telecom Limited (Bangladesh) to define their broadband customer's internet security strategy and content security solution. We’ve been their partner throughout their journey. Together, we have achieved outstanding results, and it has been a pleasure to watch their business grow.

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